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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

PhD study in astronomy covers broad range of theoretical and observational research subjects, from analysis of optically variable objects (both stellar and active galactic nuclei), high energy astrophysics and accretion disks, radioastronomy, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology. Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University participates in ESO, has access to the SALT optical telescope, collaborates in HESS and CTA projects (gamma-ray astrophysics) as well as in the network of LOFAR radio telescopes array, we participate in the VIRGO gravitational waves detector. Our researches use also several world class Earth bound radio (VLA, 100m Effelsberg) and space (Chandra, XMM, Fermi) observatories.

The final of the Coimbra Group 3-Minute-Thesis Jagiellonian University competition was held on March 18 in the Aula of Collegium Novum. 10 PhD students presented the main points of their PhD theses during 3-minute presentations. The second place went to our PhD student Subhrata Dey, for the presentation "Investigating the mysterious Luminous infrared Galaxies" on the study of bright infrared galaxies, for which she also received the audience award. Congratulations!


Candidates eligible for admission to the Astronomy program of study are the holders of Master of Science (Magister, Magister engineer), or equivalent professional title awarded in the field of exact sciences, or last year students who will graduate and become the holders of Master of science before September 2024.

Admission schedule [June/July]

The recruitment schedule for the academic year 2024/2025 for the Doctoral School will be announced at the end of April. Preliminary exams for candidates are expected on June 5th 2024.

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