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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


International Ph.D. studies in astronomy


Admission 2018/2019

Admission 2018/2019 ended

Next admission: 2019, May

Possible PhD supervisors

Fellowships and tuition fees

Accepted foreign students will obtain Ph.D. fellowships equal to the ones provided to the Polish students (approx. 2000 PLN per month, i.e. 24000 PLN per year). Best 30% students of each year can obtain also an additional support of 800 PLN per month. For students from outside European Union a yearly fee of approx. 2000 PLN is requested, but the students without sufficient support can apply for partial waiving of the fee.

  1. Candidates for the Ph.D. studies in astronomy are required to:
    1. present high marks of the exams in their study in mathematics and physics;
    2. have a M. Sc. diploma in astronomy, physics, or a related subject area;
    3. obtain a written agreement by one of our Faculty members to supervise the candidate studies;
    4. be positively evaluated in the interview.
  2. When applying to be enrolled to the PhD studies, a candidate is obliged to provide to the secretary office of the Astronomical Observatory of Jagielllonian University the following items:
    1. a letter of application;
    2. a resumé (CV), including information about the scientific achievements to date, if any;
    3. a copy of the M.Sc. diploma; if still pending, a certificate of passing the master's examination;
    4. a supplement to the M.Sc. diploma;
    5. a reference letter from a senior scientist;
    6. a written consent of a Faculty member to supervise the applying student;
    7. a statement of the grade point average earned in the course of graduate studies;
    8. a document to indicate a level of proficiency in English;
    9. a personal data form;
    10. three recent photographs.
  3. During the interview the candidates can expect to be inquired about their graduate studies' and their M.Sc. thesis's topic matter, their hitherto scientific achievements, as well as their research plans to be carried out in the course of their Ph.D. studies in astronomy.
  4. A decision concerning the candidate acceptance as well as granting him a stipend in the first year of Ph.D. studies will be based on the results of the interview.
Additional information can be obtained from the doctoral studies secretary office or from the studies supervisor, Prof. Michał Ostrowski.