Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


International Summer Student Internships (ISSI)


Astronomical Observatory (AO) of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Projects proposed for the summer 2021

  1. Against all odds: an investigation of the one-sided extended radio sources from the ROGUE I catalog
  2. Multiwavelength analysis of the structure of relativistic AGN jets
  3. Analysis of the ELF data
  4. Periodicity analysis in astronomy
  5. Everything you always wanted to know about compact galaxy groups (but were afraid to ask)

Recruitment completed. We invite students from all over the world for ISSI summer internships next year (July 2022)!

AO JU invites applications of students interested in carrying an astronomical research project in our Observatory, supervised by the AO staff members. The four-week internships will be organized in the summer period (July-September). Due to the current epidemic situation in Poland, the internships will be fully remote, giving the opportunity to work with a scientist on the proposed project and publish the results in prestigious scientific journals. No fellowships will be granted and no support will be provided for the travel expenses and health insurance. AO will accept up to 4 students for these internships. AO will sign a formal agreements with these students.

Applications will be accepted from students of astronomy, physics, and other studies providing a solid knowledge of physics and mathematics. Eligible for application are only students who will finish before the time of the internship their second or higher year of study. Students from all countries of the world can submit application.

Please visit our www page for recent updates or contact: ISSIsecretary [at] if you have any questions.

The currently planned dates are 4th to 30st of July 2022.