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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


Ph.D. Studies

Potential Supervisors, their Respective Research Areas, and Proposed Thesis Topics

  • dr hab. Anna Barnacka
    Gravitational Lenses as High-Resolution Telescopes
    proposed PhD topics...
  • prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Chyży
    radioastronomy, LOFAR,
    cosmic ray propagation in galaxies,
    statistical studies of galaxies based on new survey LoTSS of LOFAR
  • dr hab. Zdzisław Golda
    cosmology, mathematical methods
  • dr hab. Marek Jamrozy
    extragalactic radio astronomy
    proposed PhD topics...
  • dr hab. Jerzy Krzesiński
    observational astronomy; variable (pulsating) stars; white dwarfs; exoplanets
  • dr hab. Grzegorz Michałek
    Solar activity and space weather
  • prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Pollo
    Observational cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics
    proposed PhD topics...
  • dr hab. Grażyna Siemieniec-Oziębło (emeritus professor)
    physics of galaxy clusters, cosmic rays
    proposed PhD topics...
  • dr hab. Marian Soida
    numerical simulations of magnetized interstellar medium;
    radio observations of nearby galaxies
  • dr hab. Łukasz Stawarz
    physics of cosmic sources of high energy radiation and particles
    proposed PhD topics...
  • dr hab. Sebastian Szybka
    exact solutions to Einstein equations: black holes, gravitational waves,
    inhomogeneous cosmological models
    proposed PhD topics...
  • dr hab. Wacław Waniak
    physics of comets

Faculty members from the Institute of Physics can also be considered for appointment as a supervisor of Ph.D. thesis in astronomy.