Travel Information

By plane

The most convenient connection is via direct flight to the Kraków international airport in BALICE (KRK). It has connections to several European cities and Chicago. From the airport one can reach the Conference Centre in 10 minutes by taxi (approx. 50 zl) or using public buses.

There is also another nearby international airport, PYRZOWICE (KTW) near Katowice (100 km from Kraków) with connections to several European cities including connections by cheap lines. To reach Kraków one can take a direct bus from the airport or take an airport bus to Katowice train station, and continue with a local train (query connection from Katowice to Kraków Główny) or bus to Kraków.

Other option is to fly to Warsaw. From the airport OKECIE (WAW) there are public and private buses and taxis - it takes about 20 minutes to reach the main Warsaw train station Warszawa Centralna. There take an express or IC train to reach Kraków. There are also internal flights to Cracow which take about 40 minutes.

By car

Two European routes cross in Krakow: A4 (E40) heading east-west, and E77 north-south. We recommend using these routes as they are in the best condition. From the north or south it is possible to follow the E75 route to Katowice and then turn onto E40 to Krakow. Driving from the west should be the easiest as there is a highway almost all the way from the western border of Poland to Krakow. Unfortunately there is only a few highways in Poland. Some of them are not tall free. Poland has right-hand traffic. Speed limits for passenger cars: 130 km/h on highways, 110 km/h on fast roads, 100 km/h on dual carriageways outside urban areas, 90 km/h on single carriageways outside urban areas, and 50 km/h in urban areas.

Reaching the Przegorzały Conference Centre

From Balice Airport

From the main train and bus station

Public transport in Cracow

Public transport in Kraków is frequent and decent. You can get to virtually any place in town by bus or tram. Before getting in you should buy a ticket in a newspaper stand often found around town. The price is 2.50 zl for a single bus/tram ride (or 2.60 zl outside the city e.g. from the airport using line 292), or 3.10 zl for a one-hour ticket - "Bilet godzinny" - which allows changing buses and trams. You cannot combine two single tickets into a one-hour ticket. If you are carrying large luggage, an additional ticket (one for each ride) should be used. You can also buy a ticket from the bus/tram driver with a 0.50 zl surcharge. A driver may ask you to provide exactly the amount you have to pay. Some trams have ticket machines on board. You should stamp the ticket immediately after entering the bus/tram in one of the special devices there.