Accepted posters

(in alphabetic order)

Björn Adebahr
Synchrotron halo and magnetic fields of the nearby edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 891
Simon Candelaresi
Magnetic Helicity and its Topological Interpretation
Pablo Cerda-Duran
Alfvén QPOs in magnetars
Fabio Del Sordo
Galactic Dynamo
Jeremy Durelle
Global scale modelling of a spiral galaxy using the ZEUS MHD code
Robert Drzazga (pdf)
Interactions of radio lobes of NGC4569 with the ICM
René Gießübel
The magnetic field of M31
Konstantinos Nektarios Gourgouliatos
Magnetic Field in Cavities
Koen Kemel
Magnetic flux concentrations from negative effective magnetic pressure
Hanna Kotarba
Magnetic fields in colliding galaxies
Ondrej Kopacek
Stable and chaotic motion around magnetized star
Márcia Regina Moreira Leão
The Role of turbulent magnetic reconnection in the process of Star Formation
Ilya Pashchenko
Is observed circular polarisation difference between quasars and BL Lacs due to different jet magnetic field properties of these two classes?
Reinaldo Santos de Lima
Turbulence and Dynamo out of Galaxies
Dominic Schnitzeler
The polarization characteristics of ATCA calibrators
Tomislav Skoda
Magnetic effects of kinetic instabilities in space plasmas
Hajime Sotani
Magnetic Effect on Gravitational Waves in Black Hole Formation
Xiaohui Sun
Thermal objects in the Sino-German λ6 cm survey of the Galactic plane
Ievgen Vovk
Evidence for Existence of Extragalactic Magnetic Fields in Excess of 10-16G from Fermi Non-Detection of Distant TeV Blazars
Maik Wolleben
GMIMS: The Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey
Dominik Wóltański
Cosmic-Ray driven dynamo in galaxies with spiral arms