A unique international journal devoted entirely to cosmology

Editorial Board:

M. Demianski (Warsaw), J. Coyne (Tucson), G. F. R. Ellis (Trieste and Cape Town), M. Heller (Vatican City State), M. S. Longair (Cambridge), J. D. Novikov (Moscow), X. Tamman (Basel).

This journal appears since 1973 and is a part of a multidisciplinary series entitled Acta Scientiarum Literarumque published by the Jagellonian University in Cracow (Poland). The present issue of Acta Cosmologica constitutes the 1063th volume of this series.

The main goal of Acta Cosmologica consists in something more then only publishing strictly scientific results in the field of cosmology and related areas. Cosmology -- by its very nature -- poses many problems concerning fundamental physics, mathematical methods, philosophy and history of science. Its place and role within the family of empirical sciences remains still an open question. For these reasons, besides usual research papers, in our journal you can also find among others:

review papers,
philosophical reflections,
historical analyses,
reports of congresses and symposia,
bibliographical notes,
catalogues of observational data.

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