CONTENTS, vol. 18, '92

Research papers

Z. Onyszkiewicz
Statistical Operators for Two Arbitrary Parts of Closed Universe
U. Kasper
Particle and Entropy Creation in Cosmology
A. Woszczyna
On a Deviation from Jeans' Instability Criterion
M. Heller, P. Multarzynski, W. Sasin and Z. Zekanowski
On Some Generalizations of the Manifold Concept
J. Gruszczak, M. Heller and W. Sasin
Quasiregular Singularity of a Cosmic String
M. Heller, W. Sasin, A. Trafny and Z. Zekanowski
Differential Spaces and New Aspects of Schmidt's b--Boundary of Space--Time
W. Rudnicki
Can a Generic Strong Curvature Singularity be Visible from Infinity?
M. Szydlowski
Dynamical Effects of the ``Extra" Dimensions in Multidimensional Homogeneous Cosmology

Book Reviews

Primordial Nucleosynthesis and Evolution of the Early Universe, edited by K. Sato, J. Audouze

Observational Tests of Cosmological Inflation, edited by T. Shanks, A.J. Banday, R.S. Ellis, C.S. Frenk, A.W. Wolfendale

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