WORKSHOP, vol. 21,2 , '95

Research papers

About the Workshop
List of Participations with Addresses
A. Ashtekar
Polymer Geometry at Planck Scale and Quantum Einstein Equations
M. Heller
Commutative and Non-Commutative Einstein Algebras
R. Loll
Making Quantum Gravity Calculable
T. Thiemann
An Account of Transforms on agb
G. A. Mena Marugan
Reality Conditions on Physical Observables
A. P. Caetano
On the Abelian Projection of a Connection
V. Kravchenko, Nenad Manojlovic and J.C. Sanchez Rodriguez
On the Application of the Inverse Scattering Method to the Two Killing Vector Reduction of General Relativity
M. Spera
Algebraic Approach to Determinants and Pfaffians
A. Kull and R.A. Treumann
A Model of a Noncontinuous Minkowskian Spacetime
J. Gruszczak
Differential Structure of Space-Time and Physical Fields
P. Multarzynski
Banachian Structured Spaces
W. Sasin and M. Heller
Non-Commutative Differential Geometry
W. Sasin and Y. Eledrisi
On a Generalization of the Levi-Civita Connections of a Degenerate Metric

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