CONTENTS, vol. 20, 2, '94

Research papers

Z. A. Golda and T. Sierotowicz
Qualitative Analysis of Friedman-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker Cosmology with Causal Viscous Fluid
K. Maslanka
Black Holes from Cosmic Strings - an Alternative Approach
M. Szydlowski and A. Krawiec
Sectional Curvature in the Newtonian Cosmology

History of Cosmology

M. Heller and A.B. Henriques
Some of Schroedinger's Contributions to General Relativity and Cosmology


M. Heller
Space and Time in Quantum Mechanics


P. Turkowski
Literature on the Structure of Low-Dimensional Nonsemisimple Lie Algebras and its Applications to Cosmology

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