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Welcome to Cracow
This is our home town. The former capital of Poland, the royal residence and a symbol of Polish culture, with its history dating back to 7th century. Now over 800 thousand inhabitants live here.
Jagiellonian University
Our host university. Founded in 1364 by the Polish king Casimir the Great. Now one of the oldest universities in the world. Employs almost 3,000 faculty members, making more than 6,500 employees together with administration and services. More than 21,000 students, including 14,800 full-time undergraduates, towards degrees in 27 subjects and 20 specializations.
Stanislaw Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy
Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza (AGH). A technical university, founded in 1919.
University of Technology
Another technical university in Cracow, with the scientific and educational profile somehow wider than that of AGH.
Pedagogical University
Akademia Pedagogiczna. This university educates the teachers, though some scientific research is also going there.
Mt. Suhora Observatory
This observatory is a part of Astronomy Department at the Pedagogical University. It is located in Gorce moutains, near Koninki village, 60 km south-east of Cracow.
Institute of Nuclear Physics
Institute founded by Henryk Niewodniczanski. Employs 600 people, among them 346 of scientific personnel.
Agricultural University
The Agricultural University originated from the Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry of the Jagiellonian University. In 1953 these two faculties were separated from the University and they formed a new school - the College of Agriculture. In 1972 the College achieved the status of Agricultural University of Cracow.
Academy of Economy
Academy of Economy was founded in 1925. Scientific staff consists of 1010 people, there are 13633 full-time undergraduates (1995).
Academy for the Dramatic Arts
The history of the Academy began in 1946. The famous Polish actor, Juliusz Osterwa, took the initial steps which in effect led to the establishment of the Ludwik Solski Akademy for the Dramatic Arts through the amalgamation of three studios that had been in operation in Cracow.
Academy of Fine Arts
The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow is the oldest Polish institution of higher artistic education. The present teaching staff of the Academy is composed of many eminent Polish artists representing different generations and attitudes in contemporary art.
Academy of Music
For more than a century, graduates of the Academy of Music in Cracow have provided leadership in composition, performing art, music theory and education in Poland and abroad. Today, a faculty that is internationally distinguished stands ready to prepare students for comparable achievments in the future.
Cracow Academic Network CYFRONET
Established in 1973, as an independent non-profit organization, to provide the Cracow academic schools and research institutes with powerful facilities for tasks which were beyond the scope of their own computer installations.


Polish home page
The home page of Poland contains many interesting links to information servers across the country.
Polish cities on the Web
A list of links to home pages of several Polish cities.
Multimedia Servers (obsolete)
A comprehensive list of multimedia servers in Poland. The links from the same town are grouped together.
Komitet Badan Naukowych
Some people love them, some other hate them. The Committee for Scientific Research, with status of the ministry, is the only central governmental source of funds for research. Those guys there decide how to divide the public money for the whole Polish science. We receive (or receive not) our grants from there.
Internet dla Szkól
Internet for High Schools provides the Polish schools access to the Internet resources. The information on this server is in Polish.
Wirtualna Akademia (obsolete)
Virtual Academy is an independend venture for exchanging the knowledge through the net, and supporting development of new communication technologies. The information on this server is in Polish.
Wirtualna Polska
Virtual Poland collects the clearly categorized links to miscellaneous sources of multimedia information in Poland. Everything there is in Polish.


World Wide Web Consortium
The W3 Consortium exists to develop common standards for the evolution of the World Wide Web. It is an industry consortium run by the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Planet Earth Home Page
The home page of our planet.
The Virtual Tourist
The Virtual Tourist II is a map-based guide to local and regional information on the WWW, operating in close association with City.Net. It is an excellent service for tourism, geography education, and community services. If you want to learn about the Philippines and what you can do if you go there, look in here!
Well, everyone knows, what the CNN is...
Meteosat images of Europe
Nice weather information hosted by the Free University of Berlin.

Funding opportunities

The primary aim of this website is to provide practical assistance to institutions of higher education, municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe about EU funding opportunities.
Sekcja ds. Programów Międzynarodowych UJ
Materiały informacyjne nt. programu "LUDZIE" dla naukowców w 7. PR - aktualne konkursy na projekty typu Marie Curie.
Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy programów badawczych UE

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