Search the Web

or how to be a good spider

This page is designed to help you looking for any information across the World Wide Web. When you are lost in the Internet, when you want to find something or someone, just follow one of the links on this page and the life should become much easier!

Search engines | Information files

Search engines

Google - one of the best
Very powerful web searcher. Simply the best. Altavista spiders explore the Web every day looking for new information. Altavista data base contains over 8 billion words found in over 16 million Web pages.

Search and Display the Results

Web searcher. Very popular and powerful. Contains also a list of the 250 most popular sites. Lycos spiders have examined about 91% of the sites on the net and found the pages to which there are the most links from other sites. When the site is useful or interesting, other sites link to it. The more interesting the site is the more links to it exist.
InfoSeek Guide
One of the best and most popular search engines on the Web. Contains also a directory of most popular sites in the world.
A browsable and searchable listing of Internet resources.
Searches the World Wide Web.
A collection of WWW searchers
A comprehensive collection of links to WWW searchers. If you are not satisfied with our page, go to that one.

Information files

Geographical list of WWW servers (obsolete)
List of WWW servers categorized by countries. If you are interested, for example, in Zambia, go for it!
Galaxy is a catalogue of Internet resources divided into hundreds of topics.
The Starting Point
A good starting point for Web exploration, guides you to different topics, as news, weather, entertainment, business, travel or education.

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