25.06.2006 - 1.07.2006, Cracow, Poland


Editors: M. Ostrowski, . Stawarz
Publisher: Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
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Significant progress has been made in understanding astrophysical jets, partially as a result of developments in numerical studies, but predominantly because of new multiwavelength observations extending from the radio up to high energy gamma-rays. All of those are already opening several new research directions and, in some cases, put existing "standard" models into doubt. We have reviewed important aspects of the broad-band and multi-scale data and have compared those to the theoretical models and ideas, as well as have confronted them with the newest results of numerical analysis. The meeting for ~100 participants was, therefore, both a conference reporting recent progress in understanding physics of astrophysical jets, and also a workshop discussing new questions and novel solutions.

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