Night under the Stars

The strongest affection and utmost zeal should, I think, promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe's divine revolutions, the stars' motions, sizes, distances, risings and settings . . . for what is more beautiful than heaven? — Nicolaus Copernicus

Welcome to our Public Event

We warmly invite astronomy lovers to our observatory for "Night under the Stars" on the dates given below at 7 pm.

Entry is Free

But registration is obligatory. If the form is not displayed, the event registration is full for the upcoming date. We can accomodate only up-to 30 participants in a meeting due to limited space. We make reservations only for the next meeting.

Reservation for 07 June 2019 is currently: closed

Please ask in case of inquiry, by telephone: +48 12 6238603 and by email:

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APOD is a database of beautiful astronomical photographs mirrored to a few languages.


18-01-2019Ms Mariia BilinskaMultiwavelength Universe
15-03-2019Karthik BalasubramaniamNeutrinos : Messengers of our Universe
26-04-2019Ms Anitha RavishankarSymphony of the cosmos
17-05-2019Ms Angel Priyana NoelAstronomical Waltz
07-06-2019Syed Umair NaqviEinstein and the magic of Space-Time

  • Popular science discussions related to Astronomy raises public awareness of the activities being carried out by astronomers. We hope that this awareness will not only generate enthusiasm for science, but also cut the seeming gap between scientific practitioners and non-practitioners. We believe that everyone has an inherent clue to look up to the sky and experience a great sense of awe. The vastness of the universe can make people feel modest and small, but when people begin to understand how it works, it can be the happiest and most satisfying endevaour one can embark.
    Information about astronomers, public lectures from Sky Watches and our observatory's telescopes, and answers to your scientific queries can also be found on this page.
  • Tour around the observatory, in favourable weather.
  • Observation through 35 cm Maksutov telescope of few Astronomical Objects also if the weather is favourable.

Please remember to  wear a warm outfit. The observatory domes do not have heating facility by design!

How to reach here? The observatory is located at ul. Orla 171 in Kraków which falls in Zone 1 area of Kraków.
The most convenient public transport can be reached by bus line 102 to the Observatory stop located near the entrance to the Observatory.
The observatory has a very small car parking. We ask drivers who park around the observatory to comply with the relevant traffic regulations.

Note :You will receive the confirmation mail, maybe in 2 working days

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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University
Street: Orla 171
30-244 Kraków
11B (New Building)
tel. 126238(603)

For any queries related to the event here please contact
Emily Kosmaczewski via or

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