First run of the reduction


When the sken was observed you can get its map in alfa, delta coordinates  at once. Especially it is recommended (necessary) to make the amplitude calibrator map at the beginning of observations to check the whole observing system.


Log at the computer called chef at Effelsberg (at the left when you enter the operation room)


login: obs2


ask the operator

mkdir 122_00                                                                      

create the directory for your project (here the project No was 122/00)

cp ed6* ket6* tab6* para[1-2]*  ~122_00

copy necessary files to your directory


First map of the amplitude calibrator


ed6dbcal                   run the program

1020             scan number of the amplitude calibrator, e.q. 1020

-0                  start coordinates, must be minus before 0: OAZM from 6caldh.obs file, here 0o

16                  16'

0                    0"

18                                        extent of the map in AZ (arcmin) (see 6caldh.obs)

18                                        extent of the map in ELEV (arcmin)




Check gain factors:


After ed6dbcal run, mp, df and GS files will be created. The numbers from GS* file (8 parameters close to 1.0 from fitting a gauss to the observation of the calibrator) should be the same (up to 5%) as the ones in (calles by ed6dbcal). If not put the numbers from GS* file to and . Big discrepancies (>10%) means some problems: call the operator.


Check percentage of polarization:

at the bottom of GS-file (Prozent):

            3c286: ~12;  3c138: ~12

Check polarization angle (Winkel):

            3c286: ~34; 3c138: ~-11


If the numbers are not so as expected call the operator, otherwise you can lost all your observing time.


First map from your target scan


ed6db                         run the program

1022               scan number of the target


24                   OAZM from observing file, e.q. ic2574.obs


25                   extent of the map in AZ (see ic2574.obs file)

25                   extent of the map in ELEV