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ROK 2003
Ostatnia zmiana: 23.01.2013 16:14
 Golda, Zdzislaw A.; Woszczyna, Andrzej
 A field theory approach to cosmological density perturbations
 Humphrey, P. J.; Fabbiano, G.; Elvis, M.; Church, M. J.; Balucinska-Church, M.
 Ultraluminous X-ray source populations in normal galaxies: a preliminary survey with Chandra
 Barnard, R.; Church, M. J.; Balucinska-Church, M.
 Physical changes during Z-track movement in Sco X-1 on the flaring branch
 Chyzy, K.T.; Knapik, J.; Bomans, D. J.; Klein, U.; Beck, R.; Soida, M.; Urbanik, M.
 Magnetic fields and ionized gas in the local group irregular galaxies IC 10 and NGC 6822
 Gierlinski, Marek; Zdziarski, Andrzej A.
 Discovery of powerful millisecond flares from Cygnus X-1
 Poutanen, Juri; Gierlinski, Marek
 On the nature of the X-ray emission from the accreting millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658
 Gierlinski, Marek; Done, Chris
 The X-ray/gamma-ray spectrum of XTE J1550-564 in the very high state
 Done, Chris; Gierlinski, Marek
 Observing the effects of the event horizon in black holes
 Done, C.; Gierlinski, M.
 Observing the effects of the event horizon in black holes
 Olive, Jean-Francois; Barret, Didier; Gierlinski, Marek
 Correlated Timing and Spectral Behavior of 4U 1705-44
 Golda, Zdzislaw A.; Woszczyna, Andrzej
 Dispersion of density waves in the radiation-dominated universe with positive cosmological constant
 Godlowski, Wlodzimierz; Szydlowski, Marek
 Dark Energy and Global Rotation of the Universe
 Baier, F. W.; Godlowski, W.; MacGillivray, H. T.
 Substructures and galaxy orientations in clusters II. Cluster Abell 14
 Godlowski, Wlodzimierz; Szydlowski, Marek; Flin, Piotr; Biernacka, Monika
 Letter: Rotation of the Universe and the Angular Momenta of Celestial Bodies
 Wszolek, B.; Godlowski, W.
 Toward an adequate method to isolate spectroscopic families of diffuse interstellar bands
 Flin, Piotr; Godlowski, Wlodzimierz
 The Alignment of Neighbour Galaxy Groups in the Lsc
 Jamrozy, M.; Klein, U.; Kerp, J.; Mack, K.-H.; Saripalli, L.
 B0503-286 - A Giant Radio Galaxy
 Jamrozy, M.; Klein, U.; Kerp, J.; Mack, K.-H.; Saripalli, L.
 B0503-286 - A giant radio galaxy.
 Kulak, A.; Kubisz, J.; Michalec, A.; Zieba, S.; Nieckarz, Z.
 Solar variations in extremely low frequency propagation parameters: 2. Observations of Schumann resonances and computation of the ELF attenuation parameter
 Kulak, A.; Zieba, S.; Micek, S.; Nieckarz, Z.
 Solar variations in extremely low frequency propagation parameters: 1. A two-dimensional telegraph equation (TDTE) model of ELF propagation and fundamental parameters of Schumann resonances
 Zielinski, P.; Kulak, A.; Dobrzynski, L.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.
 Propagation of waves and chaos in transmission line with strongly anharmonic dangling resonator
 Gopalswamy, N.; Yashiro, S.; Michalek, G.; Kaiser, M. L.; Howard, R. A.; Leske, R.; von Rosenvinge, T.; Reames, D. V.
 Effect of CME Interactions on the Production of Solar Energetic Particles
 Michalek, G.; Gopalswamy, N.; Yashiro, S.
 A New Method for Estimating Widths, Velocities, and Source Location of Halo Coronal Mass Ejections
 Yashiro, S.; Gopalswamy, N.; Michalek, G.; Howard, R. A.
 Properties of narrow coronal mass ejections observed with LASCO
 Hughes, M. A.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Axon, D.; Scarlata, C.; Atkinson, J.; Batcheldor, D.; Binney, J.; Capetti, A.; Carollo, C. M.; ...Maciejewski, W. and 10 coauthors
 An Atlas of Hubble Space Telescope Spectra and Images of Nearby Spiral Galaxies
 Marconi, A.; Axon, D. J.; Capetti, A.; Maciejewski, W.; Atkinson, J.; Batcheldor, D.; Binney, J.; Carollo, M.; Dressel, L.; Ford, H. and 9 coauthors
 Is There Really a Black Hole at the Center of NGC 4041? Constraints from Gas Kinematics
 Maciejewski, Witold
 Chaos or Order in Double Barred Galaxies?
 Maciejewski, W.
 Gas Dynamics in Central Parts of Galaxies
 Schinnerer, E.; Maciejewski, W.; Scoville, N. Z.; Moustakas, L. A.; Boker, T.
 Gas Dynamics in the Central Kiloparsec of Two Barred Spiral Galaxies
 Stawarz, L.; Sikora, M.; Ostrowski, M.
 High-Energy Gamma Rays from FR I Jets
 Stawarz, L.; Ostrowski, M.
 A role of the boundary shear layer in modeling of large scale jets
 Stawarz, Lukasz; Ostrowski, M.; Sikora, M.
 VHE g-Rays from Extragalactic Large Scale Jets
 Niemiec, Jacek; Ostrowski, M.
 Cosmic Ray Acceleration at Parallel Relativistic Shocks in the Presence of Finite-Amplitude Magnetic Field Perturbations
 Niemiec, Jacek; Ostrowski, M.
 First-Order Fermi Particle Acceleration at Relativistic Shock Waves with a `Realistic' Magnetic Field Turbulence Model
 Ostrowski, M.
 Numerical simulations of relativistic shock acceleration
 Otmianowska-Mazur, K.
 Calculations of dynamo coefficients in Parker unstable disks without shear
 Kowal, G.; Hanasz, M.; Otmianowska-Mazur, K.
 Resistive MHD simulations of the Parker instability in galactic disks
 Otmianowska-Mazur, K.; Vollmer, B.
 Magnetic field evolution in galaxies interacting with the intracluster medium. 3D numerical simulations
 Otmianowska-Mazur, K.; Elstner, D.
 3D simulations of magnetic fields in barred galaxies
 Otmianowska-Mazur, Katarzyna; Elstner, Detlef
 Magnetic fields and radio polarization of barred galaxies
 Magnano, Guido; Sokolowski, Leszek M.
 Nonlinear massive spin-2 field generated by higher derivative gravity
 Dabrowski, Mariusz P.; Stachowiak, Tomasz; Szydlowski, Marek
 Phantom cosmologies
 Szydlowski, Marek; Krawiec, Adam
 Dynamical system approach to cosmological models with a varying speed of light
 Kreiner, J. M.; Rucinski, S. M.; Zola, S.; Niarchos, P.; Ogloza, W.; Stachowski, G.; Baran, A.; Gazeas, K.; Drozdz, M.; Zakrzewski, B. and 3 coauthors
 Physical parameters of components in close binary systems. I
 Kilkenny, D.; Reed, M. D.; O'Donoghue, D.; Kawaler, S. D.; Mukadam, A.; Kleinman, S. J.; Nitta, A.; Metcalfe, T. S.; Provencal, J. L.; ...Zola, S. and 39 coauthors
 A Whole Earth Telescope campaign on the pulsating subdwarf B binary system PG 1336-018 (NY Vir)
 Mukadam, Anjum S.; Kepler, S. O.; Winget, D. E.; Nather, R. E.; Kilic, M.; Mullally, F.; von Hippel, T.; Kleinman, S. J.; Nitta, A.; ...Zola, S. and 57 coauthors
 Constraining the Evolution of ZZ Ceti
 Yerli, S. K.; Sarna, M. J.; Zola, S.; Connon Smith, Robert; Tovmassian, G.
 A photometric-spectroscopic analysis and the evolutionary status of the Algol-type binary U Coronae Borealis
 Kjurkchieva, D. P.; Marchev, D. V.; Zola, S.
 Spectroscopic and photometric observations of the short-period RS CVn-type star ER Vulpeculae
 Handler, G.; O'Donoghue, D.; Mueller, M.; Solheim, J.-E.; Gonzalez-Perez, J. M.; Johannessen, F.; Paparo, M.; Szeidl, B.; Viraghalmy, G.; ...Zola, S. and 60 coauthors
 Amplitude and frequency variability of the pulsating DB white dwarf stars KUV 05134+2605 and PG 1654+160 observed with the Whole Earth Telescope
 Kepler, S. O.; Nather, R. E.; Winget, D. E.; Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S. J.; Metcalfe, T.; Sekiguchi, K.; Xiaojun, Jiang; Sullivan, D.; ...Zola, S. and 36 coauthors
 The everchanging pulsating white dwarf GD358
 Schuh, S. L.; Nagel, T.; Deetjen, J. L.; Dreizler, S.; Handler, G.; O'Brien, M. S.; Riddle, R.; Huerkal, O.; Pakstiene, E.; ...Zola, S. and 46 coauthors
 Preliminary results of the WET Xcov22 campaign at Calar Alto Observatory
 Zola, S.; Niarchos, P.; Ostensen, R.
 The temperature of the cool stars in three eclipsing binary systems with the sdB components: HW Vir, PG1336-018 and HS0705+670
 Reed, M. D.; Kawaler, S. D.; Zola, S.; Jiang, X. J.; The Whole Earth Telescope Xcov 17 Team; The Whole Earth Telescope Xcov 19 Team; The Whole Earth Telescope Xcov 21 Team
 Feige 48: A Model Match for the Coolest Pulsating Subdwarf B Star
 Zola, S.; Pluciennik, A.
 Modeling light curves of systems with accretion disks: RY Sct
 Kurtz, D. W.; Kawaler, S. D.; Riddle, R. L.; Reed, M. D.; Cunha, M. S.; Wood, M.; Silvestri, N.; Watson, T. K.; Dolez, N.; ...Zola, S. and 34 coauthors
 High Precision with the Whole Earth Telescope: Lessons and Some Results from XCov20 for the roAp Star HR 1217
 Kepler, S. O.; Nather, E. R.; Winget, D. E.; Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S. J.; Metcalfe, T.; Sekiguchi, K.; Xiaojun, J.; Sullivan, D.; ...Zola, S. and 36 coauthors
 WET Observations of GD 358 in 2000
 Stawarz, Lukasz
 Multifrequency Radiation of Extragalactic Large-Scale Jets
 Mukadam, A. S.; Kepler, S. O.; Winget, D. E.; Nather, R. E.; Kilic, M.; Mullally, F.; von Hippel, T.; Kleinman, S. J.; Nitta, A.; ... Zola, S. and 57 coauthors
 Constraining the Evolution of ZZ Ceti
 Schuh, S. L.; Heber, U.; Dreizler, S.; O'Toole, S.; Jeffery, C. S.; Falter, S.; Woolf, V. M.; Riddle, R. L.; Handler, G.; ... Zola, S. and 53 coauthors
 PG 1605+072 in WET XCov22: Support for the Multi Site Spectroscopic Telescope
 Castanheira, B. G.; Kepler, S. O.; Moskalik, P.; Kleinman, S. J.; Sansom, A. E.; Solheim, J.-E.; Belmonte, J. A.; Kawaler, S. D.; Kanaan, A.; ... Zola, S. and 25 coauthors
 WET Observations of the DAV G185-32
 Szydlowski, Marek
 Time to build in dynamics of economic models II : models of economic growth
 Dąbrowski, Mariusz; Szydlowski, Marek; Krawiec, Adam
 Dynamics of the Friedmann-Randall-Sundrum Brane Universes
 Bajan, K.; Biernacka, M.; Flin, P.; Godlowski, W.; Piervushin, V.; Zorin, A.
 Large scale periodicity in galaxy redshift distribution