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How to reach the Przegorzaly Conference Centre

Updated: 2004-08-11


The Jagiellonian University Conference Centre is situated in the Institute of Polish Diaspora and Ethnic Studies, on one of the hills stretching along the Vistula river (Wisla, in Polish) in Cracow (Kraków), on the north bank, in a place called "Przegorzaly", about 7 km from the town centre, 10 km from the railway station and 10 km from the airport in Balice. It is accessible by car and by public transport.


The address of the conference centre is:

  Instytut Studiów Polonijnych UJ
ul. Jodlowa 13
30-252 Kraków
Telephones:   429 71 15
429 76 32
429 76 51

(add 0-12 at the beginning when calling from outside Cracow within Poland. Depending on the phone company, you may need to add a prefix between the 0 and 12. Possible prefixes are: 1033, 1044, 1055. From abroad add +48 12. No additionnal prefixes are needed from abroad.)

To Cracow In Cracow


Travelling to Cracow

  by Plane by Train by Car  

by Plane

The most convenient connection is via direct flight to the Kraków international airport in BALICE (KRK). It has connections to several European cities, Chicago, New York, and Tel Aviv. From the airport one can reach the Conference Centre in 10 minutes by taxi (approx. 40 zl) or using public buses.

There is also another nearby international airport, PYRZOWICE (GTL) near Katowice (100 km from Kraków) with connections to several European cities including connections by cheap lines. To reach Kraków one can take a direct bus from the airport or take an airport bus to Katowice train station, and continue with a local train (query connection from Katowice to Kraków Główny) or bus to Kraków.

Other option is to fly to Warsaw. From the airport OKECIE (WAW) there are public and private buses and taxis - it takes about 20 minutes to reach the main Warsaw train station Warszawa Centralna. There take an express or IC train to reach Kraków. There are also internal flights to Cracow which take about 40 minutes.


by Train

Travelling by train in Poland isn't problematic, even though it is not as easy and convenient as in Germany. Normally it is safe, but you should watch your baggage, as sometimes you can encounter thieves, particularly in crowded places.

There are several different standards of train. The best and fastest (and, of course, the most expensive) in Poland are InterCity (IC), EuroCity (EC), and Express (Ex) trains. For these kinds of trains you have to pay for the ticket and a booking/reservation fee. It is possible to reserve tickets over the Internet. Often you have a choice of coach with or without compartments. Ask for it when buying or reserving the ticket. There are of course seats for smokers and non smokers. Sleepers and couchettes need a special reservation.

The second type of trains are regional trains with three subtypes: normal, faster (RegioPlus or przyspieszony) and fastest (pospieszny). Reservation is usually not possible on most of these trains. The fastest trains are good enough to travel through a few neighbouring provinces. RegioPlus are excellent for rides to neighbouring bigger cities. For longer journeys we do not advise using normal trains unless you love railways...

Most tickets do not need to be validated after purchase (it is sometimes needed on local trains), however you have to show them to the conductor on board. The conductor can be an uniformed railway worker or (particularly on regional trains) a person in plain clothes. In the latter case, that person should have an identifier with a photograph.

The main railway station in Cracow is called "Kraków Główny" and is localized in the very centre of the city, some 500 metres from the Market Square. There are some direct railway connections to Cracow from abroad (Berlin, Budapest, Hamburg, Kiev, Kosice, Praha, Lvov, Wien). Cracow has connections with almost every city in Poland, for example Wrocław, Przemyśl, Poznań. Check the timetable of the Polish Railways. Particularly good connections are with Warsaw. Express and IC trains depart approximately every hour during the day and reach Kraków in about 2 hours 45 minutes (a one-way second class ticket costs around 80 zl).

From the Kraków main station Kraków Glówny you can reach the Conference Centre by taxi (10-15 min, 40-50 zl) or by public transportation.


by Car

Two European routes cross in Cracow: E40 heading east-west, and E77 north-south. From all directions we recommend using these routes as they are in the best condition. From the north or south it is possible to follow the E75 route to Katowice and then turn onto E40 to Cracow. Driving from the west should be the easiest as there is a motorway almost all the way from the western border of Poland to Cracow. Unfortunataly there is only a few motorways in Poland. Some motorways in Poland are payable.

We drive on the right side :). Speed limits in Poland for passenger cars: 130 km/h on motorways, 110 km/h on fast roads, 100 km/h on dual carriageways outside urban areas, 90 km/h on single carriageways outside urban areas, and 50 km/h in urban areas.



Reaching the conference centre in Cracow

  by Car by Taxi by Public

by Car

From the west (Katowice) When approaching Kraków by car from the west, along the highway (E40), turn right following the sign for Kraków Płd, Rzeszów. Then, passing the airport on the right, continue some two kilometres further and follow the signs for KRAKÓW CENTRUM before crossing the river (at Mirowski junction). Continue to the left along the road between the hills and the river for about 3km towards Kraków centre. You will arrive at a small "village" Przegorzaly with a "castle" on the hill on the left. Turn left and, after some 200m, turn left again through the brick gate onto the steep narrow road leading up the hill. After climbing the hill you will reach a small roundabout in front of the "castle" building. From there, you can drive 100m to the right to a parking place near the hotel.

From the north (from Warsaw) you need to turn right following the signs to Katowice shortly after entering Cracow and continue towards Katowice until you find yourself on the motorway. Then turn right at the first junction towards Kraków Płd, Rzeszów and continue as if you have come from the west (see above). If you like heavy traffic, another possibility is to drive through the centre of the city.

From the south or east (from Chyzne, Tarnow, Przemysl) drive towards Katowice on the motorway. At the first junction (Mirowski W.) after crossing the Wisla river, turn right towards Kraków centrum and continue as if you have come from the west. You can also try to break through the city centre... I do not advise this in the rush hour - which is almost all day...

When driving from the centre, please head towards the river, then turn to the west near Wawel castle, in the direction of Oswiecim, Myslowice, on road no. 780. Follow the road along the river up to Przegorzaly (ca 5 km), with a "castle" on a hill hidden in the trees on the right. Then turn right and continue as if you have not gone through the city...


by Taxi

A taxi is the simplest solution, however a bit expensive. Taxi drivers are usually honest, however we advise you to take only company cabs with a phone number on top. Do not accept offers of a ride from unknown persons, unless you really want to. From any place in Cracow the fare to Przegorzaly should not be more than about 50 zl in the daytime (5am-11pm). On Sundays and at night it can be a bit higher but still far less than one hundred zlotys.

The best idea is to order a taxi by phone (call e.g. 919, 9664, 9622, 9629, 9663, 9661, 9628) since many companies offer discounts when a taxi is ordered by phone. Most taxi phone calls are free of charge. If you need phone cards and tickets for public transport they can be bought from most newspaper stands.

The taxi rank at the main railway station is just at the exit of the subway. The taxi rank at the airport is at the exit from the airport building.

The destination for the taxi driver is: "Instytut Polonijny w Przegorzalach - Hotel"


by Public Transport

Public transport in Kraków is frequent and decent. You can get to virtually any place in town by bus or tram.

Before getting in you should buy a ticket in a newspaper stand often found around town. The price is 2.40 zl for a single bus/tram ride (or 2.50 zl outside the city e.g. from the airport using line 209), or 3.00 zl for a one-hour ticket - "Bilet godzinny" - which allows changing buses and trams. You cannot combine two single tickets into a one-hour ticket. If you are carrying large luggage, an additional ticket (one for each ride) should be used.
You can also buy a ticket from the bus/tram driver with a 0.50 zl surcharge. A driver may ask you to provide exactly the amount you have to pay. Some trams have ticket machines on board.

You should stamp the ticket immediately after entering the bus/tram in one of the special devices there. (Watch what the other passengers do!)

Another solution is to buy a one-, two- or three-day pass. It allows you unlimited travel on all buses and trams. These should be stamped once, on the first ride, as for one-hour tickets.

To get to Przegorzaly from the railway station (and town centre) to the Conference Centre buy a one-hour ticket - remember to stamp the ticket after boarding the first tram or bus. Take a tram 2 from the main station or other stops in the centre (lines: 1, 2, 6) to Salwator (the end of the line). Then walk 50m to the bus stop and change to one of the following buses: 109, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269. Get off at the fifth stop (after about 6 minutes - be careful, as the bus will only stop at some of them on request, the best idea can be to ask the driver) "Przegorzaly". Follow the side road, perpendicular to the main street. After some 200 m you will find the open Conference Centre gate on the left. A little bit of climbing along a steep road brings you to the first buildings. A foot path to the "castle" begins some 20 metres to the right with respect to the aforementioned brick gate. Continue climbing to the top of the hill 100 m further to find the Conference Centre hotel and the conference hall. A footpath to the "castle" begins some 20 metres to the right with respect to the above mentioned brick gate.

The second possibility is to take a bus 124, 152, 179 or 192 from the railway station and get off at the stop "Hotel Cracovia" then change to the number 109 bus. After about 9 minutes you should be at the Przegorzały bus stop and you can start climbing...

The easiest possibility, unfortunately unavailable during the holidays, is a modification of the latter case - use bus 409 instead of 109. The 409 bus goes directly to the Conference Centre rescuing someone from climbing...

From the airport to Conference Centre Buy a one-hour ticket and get onto a 192 bus. After some 20 minutes journey through the Cracow suburbs you have to get off at the stop "Hotel Cracovia" then change to the bus 109 (or, preferably, the 409 if not holidays)...

The second possibility is to buy an outside-city ticket for 2.50 zl (it can be bought from the driver) and go on foot some 100 metres forward from the bus 192 stop and turn left at the first crossing. There should be another bus stop (if it's not there, come back). From there, take bus no. 209 going towards SALWATOR. Then you should get off after about 15 minutes (ask someone - the driver? - to show you the right stop for Przegorzaly). Then, after leaving the bus you will see the big building of the Conference Centre situated at the top of the nearby hill on the left. Follow the side road, perpendicular to the main street ... you know the drill by now.

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