OA UJ AIRUB SFB 591 Kaercher
 SFB 591
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
September 27 - October 01, 2004

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The Magnetized Plasma in Galaxy Evolution
Table of Contents
  Introductory talk R.-J. Dettmar
Phases in the ISM and their evolution
  Overview of the ISM phases D. Breitschwerdt
  Warm ionized medium D. Bomans
  Neutral medium R. Braun
  Coronal gas M. Ehle
Physical processes in magnetized plasmas in the ISM and in the lab
  Magnetized turbulence M. Mac Low
  Magnetic reconnection in the lab J. Sarff
  Magnetic reconnection in ISM and in the computer A. Lazarian
  Global MHD Modelling of the ISM - The effects of large scale driving over the smallest scales M. de Avillez
  The dispersion and symmetry characteristic of MRI-driven turbulence in ISM N. Dziourkevitch
  Magnetic fields and turbulence in the inner Galactic plane M. Haverkorn
  MHD turbulence in Galaxies and Clusters A. Schekochihin
Relations between ISM structure, magnetic fields and star formation in spiral and irregular galaxies
  Dusty plasmas on galactic scales Y. Shchekinov
  Magnetic fields and star formation R. Crutcher
  Role of Magnetic Field in Star Formation Process K. Tomisaka
  Magnetic fields and spiral structure D. Elstner
  The "tomography" of Galactic magnetic field R. Wielebinski
  Wavelet analysis of the spiral arms and magnetic field in M51 I. Patrickeyev
Origin of magnetic fields
  Overview of dynamos in stars and galaxies A. Brandenburg
  The origin of galactic magnetic fields and their impact on the ISM K. Ferrière
  The Radio Halo of the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253 V. Heesen
  Cosmic-ray driven dynamo M. Hanasz
  Calculation of dynamo coefficients for cosmic ray driven Parker instability simulations G. Kowal
  The Magnetic Helicity Current in an Alpha-Omega Dynamo E. Vishniac
  Can we observe poloidal magnetic fields? M. Soida
Magnetic fields in galaxies and beyond
  CMagnetic fields in normal galaxies R. Beck
  Rotation measure synthesis in galaxies R. Braun
  Magnetic diagnostics of interacting and merging galaxies M. Urbanik
  Radio Polarization of the Magnetic Field of the Magellanic Clouds B. Gaensler
  The magnetic field along the jet of NGC4258 M. Krause
  Environmental effects on the kinematics of cluster and group galaxies Ch. Balkowski
  Magnetic fields in Clusters T. Ensslin
  Magnetic fields in the distant universe P. Kronberg
  Large-scale cosmological magnetic fields D. Sokoloff
  Parker instability under the influence of heating and cooling of the ISM R. Kosinski
  First results from new polarimetric facility at Torun 32-m radiotelescope S. Rys
  The primordial magnetic field transfer at decoupling and its spatial energy spectrum G. Siemieniec-Ozieblo
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