OA UJ AIRUB SFB 591 Kaercher
 SFB 591
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
September 27 - October 01, 2004

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Most of the observable baryons in the universe are in the plasma state and studying interstellar plasmas in galaxies is not only important for the understanding of galaxy evolution, but also provides an unique laboratory of great value for plasma physics in general. It allows us to investigate processes in magnetized plasmas in conditions not accessible in terrestrial laboratories. While the importance of magnetized plasmas for the physics of stars is well established, an ongoing topical debate discusses their role in larger cosmic structures such as galaxies. Here an enormous diversity of complex plasma processes governs the structure and evolution of interstellar gas and this has led to a high degree of specialization in specific branches of extragalactic research. To deal with these questions, a combination of all aspects is required to expand the knowledge of people working in the field on modern plasma physics.

The Conference is intended to provide a broad interdisciplinary forum gathering together specialists from various fields of galactic research. In particular we wish to stimulate discussion at the interfaces of specialized branches. This will help the understanding of various interrelations. These include the role of cloud and star formation in the magnetization of the interstellar medium; structural changes of the magnetized ISM in the peculiar flows induced by spiral arms, bars and interactions; the role of magnetic fields in structuring the ISM and in providing sources of heating and ionization in the ISM, presently not fully understood. We hope to provide an overview of plasma processes in galaxies, useful not only for astrophysicists but also contributing to modern plasma physics. We also plan to publish the proceedings. The cost will be included in the Conference fee.

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