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Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
September 27 - October 01, 2004

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Conference Poster:
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First Announcement
Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce that a conference devoted to magnetic
fields, entitled "The Magnetized Plasma in Galaxy Evolution", will be held
in Cracow (Poland), on 27 September - 1 October 2004, organized
jointly by the Ruhr-University Bochum and the Jagiellonian University Cracow,
and hosted by the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University.

All current information about the meeting can be found on our Web page:
http://www.oa.uj.edu.pl/konferencje/2004mpige/ Please drop by and browse.

Important dates:

registration                    May 31

abstract submission             June 30

conference fee           payment before 31 July 200 EUR
(proceedings included)   payment after 31 July  220 EUR

Yours sincerely,

Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur   e-mail: cracow04@oa.uj.edu.pl
Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University
ul. Orla 171
30-244 Cracow
Second Announcement
Dear Colleagues,

        We kindly remind you that the deadline for registration
on the conference "The Magnetized Plasma in Galaxy Evolution" is coming soon
(May 31st).
        We cordially welcome the participation of all interested colleagues.
All the details are on our web page


If you decided to participate, please register as soon as possible. The actual
Conference Programme you can find below.

With Sincere

Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur   e-mail: cracow04@oa.uj.edu.pl
Astronomical Observatory of Jagiellonian University
ul. Orla 171
30-244 Krakow



TITLE:  The  magnetized plasma in galaxy evolution

1st DAY (Sep. 27, Mon)

  "Phases in the turbulent ISM and their evolution"

 9:00am - "Overview of the ISM phases" - D. Breitschwerdt
 9:40am -
10:00am -
10:20am - coffee break
10:40am - "Warm ionized medium" - D. Bomans
11:20am - "Neutral medium" - R. Braun
12:00pm - "Coronal gas" - M. Ehle
12:40am - lunch
 2:00pm - "Magnetized turbulence" - M. Mac Low
 2:40pm - "Magnetic reconnection in the lab" -
 3:20pm - "Magnetic reconnection in the Sun" - D. Pontin
 4:00pm - coffee break
 4:20pm - "Magnetic reconnection in ISM and in the computer" - A. Lazarian
 5:00pm -
 5:20pm - discussion session
 7:00pm - opening reception

2nd DAY (Sep. 28th, Tue)

  "Relations between ISM structure, magnetic fields and star formation in
   spiral and irregular galaxies"

 9:00am - "Dusty plasmas on galactic scales" - Y. Shchekinov
 9:40am -
10:00am -
10:20am - coffee break
10:40am - "Magnetic fields and star formation" - R. Crutcher
11:20am -
11:40am -
12:00am -
12:20am -
12:40am - lunch
 2:00pm -
 2:40pm -
 3:00pm -
 3:20pm -
 3:40pm -
 4:00pm - coffee break
 4:20pm - "Magnetic fields and spiral structure" - D. Elstner
 5:00pm -
 5:20pm -
 5:40pm - discussion session

3rd DAY (Sep. 29th, Wed.)

  "Origin of magnetic fields"

 9:00am - "Magnetic fields in normal galaxies" - R. Beck
 9:40am -
10:00am -
10:20am - coffee break
10:40am - "Overview of dynamos in stars and galaxies" - A. Brandenburg
11:20am - "Unresolved problems of galactic magnetic fields" - A. Shukurov
12:00am -
12:20am -
12:40am - lunch
 2:00pm - "The origin of galactic magnetic fields and their impact on the ISM" -
 K. Ferriere
 2:40pm - "Non-standard dynamos" - M. Hanasz
 3:20pm -
 3:40pm -
 4:00pm - coffee break
 4:20pm - "Primordial fields" - H. Lesch
 5:00pm -
 5:20pm - discussion session
 7:00pm - visiting Collegium Novum

4th DAY (Sep. 30th, Thu)

 9:00am - "Magnetic diagnostics of interacting and merging galaxies" - M. Urbani
 9:40am -
10:00am -
10:20am - coffee break
10:40am - "ICM in Clusters" - Ch. Balkowski
11:20am - "Magnetic fields in Clusters" - T. Ensslin
12:00am -
12:20am -
12:40am - lunch
 2:00pm - "Magnetic fields in the distant universe" - Kronberg
 2:40pm -
 3:00pm -
 3:20pm -
 3:40pm -
 4:00pm - coffee break
 4:20pm -
 4:40pm -
 5:00pm - discussion session
 7:00pm - closing reception

 5th DAY (Oct. 1st, Fri.)

 Excursion day

A discussion round "Observing galactic magnetic fields with future
instrumentation" is also considered.
Third Announcement
Dear Colleagues,

Appreciating your interest in the conference

        "The magnetized plasma in galaxy evolution"

to be held in Cracow, September 27 to October 01, 2004 we decided to extend the
registration deadline until June 30th. We hotly invite your participation and
your contribution at the conference. All the pertinent details can be found at
web page:


The conference fee (see that webpage for the details) can be paid to the bank
account with the comment as follows:

 59106000760000321000023180  "The magnetized plasma in galaxy evolution"

You can send the abstract of your presentation (either ASCII file or in the
MS Word, RTF or LaTex form) by e-mail to the address cracow04@oa.uj.edu.pl

Your participation is cordially welcome.

                  with best regards
                  for the Organizing Committee
                  Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur
                  Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur

Final Announcement

     ======== F I N A L ==== A N N O U N C E M E N T =============


              Cracow Sept. 27 - Oct. 1 2004

Dear Participants,

We are happy that the day when we meet together is approaching quickly.
Below you find some important information concerning the start of our
1. How to reach the Conference Place (Przegorzaly Castle, the hotel is a part
   of the conference center) -
   please see our  webpage
   It also is accessible from our  Conference page by clicking
   "Reaching the Conference Place". In summary:
   a. Arriving by car or public transport -
   Coming from the west (Katowice) and north (Warsaw)
   please follow the direction to Krakow Pld/Rzeszow, and leave the
   highway at the label Krakow Centrum. From the south, (Zakopane,
   Chyzne) follow the highway to Katowice, cross the bridge over
   the Wisla river and take the exit Krakow Centrum as well.
   The Castle is visible on the hill at the
   left side of the road some 3 km after leaving the highway.

   b. From the Cracow airport you can reach Przegorzaly by bus 209.
   Using taxi from the Cracow airport to the  Conference place you
   have to be prepared for some 25 zloty (6-6.50EUR).

   c. If you come by plain to Warsaw then by train:
   taxi from Warsaw Airport to the Central Railway Station in Warsaw
   costs about 40 zloty (ca. 10 EUR).
   The train timetable from Warsaw can be found at
   type Warszawa Centralna and Krakow in the upper and lower
   window respectively. Choose the date and click go.
   Select again Krakow Glowny in the window "to" and "go"

   d. From the Cracow rail station take tram no. 2 to the end of its
   route and continue by bus 109, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259 or 269.
   All the details incl. ticket information are contained in the page
   Taxi from the rail station costs about 25 zloty.

2. Currency notice:
   It is strongly preferred that the costs in cash are paid in Polish
   zlotys. Both in the airport and in the railway station you can find
   the banking machines accepting all the known cards.

3. The registration desk will be open already on Sunday 26th from 3 p.m.
   until 10 p.m. When registering, you can enjoy a free glass of wine.
   For those arriving later, the desk will work still on Monday
   27th morning, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

4. The Conference will officially open on Monday at 10 a.m. with
   welcoming addresses. On the same day at 7:30 p.m. all are invited
   to the opening reception (included in the conference fee).

5. We can finally confirm that we will be able to publish the
   Conference proceedings. The instructions for the authors
   will be disseminated during the Conference.

All the changes to the programme and details of social events
will be announced daily during the meeting. The Local and Scientific
Organizing Committees invite you cordially to Cracow and wish you
a pleasant and fruitful stay. We are here to fulfill your wishes.

                      with sincere regards
                      for the joint Organizing Committees
                      Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur
                      Marek Urbanik


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