PhD Student Seminars

2019/2020 Academic Year

I Semester

04 X The first meeting and discussion on grant proposals
11 X Oskar Kopczyński
Changing demographics of scientific career
18 X Sebastian Kurowski
Gas flow and accretion via spiral streamers and circumstellar disks in a young binary protostar
8 XI Prof. Paolo Valore
Kinds of things and our choices. Ontology and presuppositions
15 XI Unnikrishnan Sureshkumar
The better probe for environment: Results using Marked Statistics
22 XI Emily Kosmaczewski
Grant writing
29 XI Anitha Ravishankar
The Role of Non-Interating Coronal Mass Ejections on Solar Energetic Particles during the Quadrature Configuration of Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory
Maria Dainotti
Marie Curie grant discussion
13 XII Mariia Bilinska
Accretion of CRs in merger-accretion double shock systems
Maria Dainotti
Gamma-ray Bursts
Sagar Sethi
Fundamental Plane of Black Hole activity
17 I Barbara Handzlik
Observing cometary volatiles
24 I Sagar Sethi
Additional tips on how to write grant proposals
Maria Dainotti
Plateau emission within Fermi/LAT

Semestr II

28 II Syed Umair
Gravitational Wave Memory and Standing Gravitational-Wave Memory
Sagar Sethi
Intermediate Mass Black Holes
6 III Arpita Misra
From Macro to Micro Universe: Radio Astronomy through citizen science and discovering radiation therapy techniques for cancer treatment
Maria Dainotti
Discussion on differences and similarities in the application for Marie Curie' Outgoing and Intra-European Fellowships
13 III Discussion and attempts on how to use MS Teams or zoom for the next lecture
20 III Subhrata Dey
Low frequency radio studies of luminous infrared galaxies
Unnikrishnan Sureshkumar
HACC Cosmological Simulation
27 III Piotr Guzik
Interstellar minor bodies detected in the Solar System
Emily Kosmaczewski
Basic information on JWST
3 IV Franciszek Humieja
Two-sector business cycle model and delayed differential equations
Anitha Ravishankar
Delay time estimates in Coronal Mass Ejections and the associated Solar Energetic Particles
17 IV Mariia Bilinska
Spectroscopic confirmation of a mature galaxy cluster at a redshift of 2
Biagio De Simone
On the fitting of the GRB lighcurves with the D'Agostini method
24 IV Angel Noel
Gamma ray astronomy- Let's get GROUNDed; working of ground based gamma ray telescopes
Barbara Handzlik
Is CO Abundance in the First Active Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
Sagar Sethi
Gamma Ray Burst in SWIFT ERA
8 V Julia Piotrowska
Everything you want to know about nearby galaxies in LOFAR* (*but you were afraid to ask)
Biagio De Simone and Alessandro Buonaiuto
On the activities of the spring internship
15 V Ania Wójtowicz
Is it possible to estimate IGM density using radio data?
Sebastian Kurowski
A new type of pulsating stars
Maria Dainotti
Grant opportunities with Japanese Society of Promotion of Science
22 V Pavlo Oliynyk
Machine Learning in Astronomy
Karthik Balasubramaniam
Giant radio lobes of Centaurus A studied with the Chandra
29 V Michał Drahus
Grant proposals for observing programs (Talk)
5 VI Michał Drahus
Grant proposals for observing programs (Practical exercises)
12 VI Agnieszka Mirocha
Astrochemistry - where we can find molecules in the space Syed Umair
Gravitational Wave Memory and Standing Gravitational-Wave Memory