PhD Student Seminars

2017/2018 Academic Year

I Semester

13 X The First Meeting
20 X 1)Karthik AB; 2)Anitha R; 3)Sebastian K
1)GW170817-Observation of Gravitational Waves; 2)SCORPIO-II:Spectral Indices of weak Galactic radio sources; 3)Title yet to be decided.
27 X Oskar Kopczynski
Supernova Tales
3 XI 1)Urszula P; 2)Julia P; 3)Rameshan T
1)LOFAR MSSS: The scaling relation between AGN cavity power and radio luminosity; 2)The most Ancient Spiral Galaxy: A 2.6 G year old disk; 3)Exploring SMBH Assembly with Semi-analytic modelling
10 XI 1)Oskar K; 2)Dominika H; 3)Piotr G
1)An explanation of the formation of peculiar periphery of Tycho's supernova remnant; 2)GW 170817, General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic simulations; 3)First interstellar asteroid in solar system
17 XI 1)Magdalena K; 2)Subhratha D; 3)Angel N
1)ALMA observations of the interaction of Radio Jet with molecular gas in Minkowski's object; 2)The nature of giant clumps in the distant galaxy probed by the anatomy of cosmic snakes; 3)Super orbital modulation of supergiant high mass X-ray binaries
24 XI Magdalena Krupa
Measuring the acceleration of the Local Group
01 XII Oskar Kopczynski
Galaxy observable parameters and their evolution
08 XII Karthik Balasubramaniam
Literature survey on Galactic Neutrino Anisotropy(Part I)
15 XII Karthik Balasubramaniam
Literature survey on Galactic Neutrino Anisotropy(Part II)
05 I Mariia Klochko
X-Ray Observations of Radio Relics
12 I Rameshan T; Karthik AB
Chandra observations of diffuse X-ray emission in Pictor A radio galaxy; Searches for 3.5 KeV absorption features in cluster AGN spectra
19 I Oskar K; Barbara H; Malgorzata C
An interacting Galaxy pair at the origin of a light echo; A rapid decrease in the rotation rate of comet 41P/ Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak;Title not given

Semestr II

9 III Subhrata Dey; Oskar Kopczynski
A 800-million-solar mass Black Hole in a significantly neutral Universe at a redshift of 7.5; Metal deficiency in two massive dead Galaxies at z~2
16 III Anitha R; Magdalena P; Rameshan MT
New teschnique to determine the Arrival Time of CMEs using Maximum Velocity; Discovery of a radio nebula around PSR J0855-4644; Criterians for retrograde rotation of accreting Black Holes
23 III Dominika H; Anna W; Oskar K
Relativistic low angular moment accretion; The observational proof of a high jet efficiency in the sample of Giga-Hertz peaked spectrum sources; The rate of Type-Ia supernovae in galagalxay clusters out to redshift~1.75
6 IV Mariia Klochko; Unnikrishnan Potty
DSA:One or two open questions; Estimation of rate of expansion of Universe using Galaxies from SDSS
20 IV Dominika H; Karthik AB
AdS Spacetime
12 V General Discussion
25 V General Discussion
01 VI General Discussion
Gamma Ray Bursts
08 VI General Discussion
Multiwavelength Observations
14 VI General Discussion
Latest discoveries in Astronomy and Astrophysics